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Independently developed high-power field emergency rescue lamp 


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Independently developed high-power field emergency rescue lamp 


Shenzhen ALP Technology Development Co., LTD


Factory1: Zhongshan Fansheng Technology Co.,LTD    Factory2: Zhongshan Yisheng Metal Products Co., LTD



Machining,Sheet-metal,Fabrication,Injection Molding,Stamping and so on.

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The office of Shenzhen ALP Technology Development Co., LTD is located in Shenzhen, and it has invested in two factories, namely Zhongshan Fansheng Technology Co., LTD (Referred to as "Fansheng")and Zhongshan Yisheng Metal Products Co., LTD(Referred to as "Yisheng").
"Fansheng"------ is committed to mechanical processing: lathe processing, milling processing, wire cutting, CNC processing .Equipment: 6 sets of CNC lathes, 9 sets of CNC milling machines, 12 sets of CNC machining centers, 3 sets of surface grinding machines, 10 sets of wire cutting machines and other supporting equipment.
"Yisheng" ------is committed to sheet metal processing. Equipment: 2 sets of laser cutting machine, 2 sets of CNC punch, 5 CNC bending machines ,1 set of grooving machine, 11 sets of ordinary punch and continuous punch, more than 30 sets of welding machines and other supporting equipment .The company has obtained GB/T9001-2016/ ISO9001:2015 quality certification.
In addition to micrometer, vernier caliper, height ruler and so on, there are thread ring plug gauge, laser rangefinder, level gauge, check gauge, integrated automatic image measuring instrument, salt spray test chamber and so on.
Surface treatment: grinding, polishing, spraying, electroplating, oxidation, etc
Product delivery time: 3-15 days, the actual production lead time depends on the number of products and customer demand.
We have a studio dedicated to the research and development of our company's new products and customer's samples.
We can make your ideas a reality.